Covid-19: What About Our Pets?

Like not being able to awaken from a horrific nightmare, Covid-19 emerged its ugly head into our work places, homes, lives and our entire world.  A virus not ever seen before with no known treatment, fix or cure.  It took us with our guard down and moved swiftly and viciously throughout our existence.  Covid-19 had developed intoContinue reading “Covid-19: What About Our Pets?”

What Is That Stuff In My Pet’s Food?

The Reality of The Dangerous Ingredients In Pet Foods An Article by Cheri Craft, Petcetera Creator Since there have been pets there have been pet owners going above and beyond to the best of their capabilities to provide the best of everything for their beloved fury family members.  Food is definitely no exception.  There areContinue reading “What Is That Stuff In My Pet’s Food?”

Hello from Cheri,

I am a retired Veterinary technician residing in Louisville, Kentucky. I have held licenses in Kentucky and Indiana while in active practice. I have also worked in West Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina. I am a graduate of Morehead State University School of Veterinary Technology and Agriculture in Morehead, Kentucky. I also have studied EducationContinue reading “Hello from Cheri,”